The Californian: "The Letters Home funk it up in Salinas"

"...musicians Poeina and Jezebel Sweet warmed up the crowd with an opening act and quickly found several new fans in the audience. The Letters Home just started its own independent label, AndromiDen Recordings, to highlight other artists like them. "

 The Bonfire: Attending Corey Feldman's Birthday Concert

"We went and saw Corey Feldman live last night at the Highline Ballroom with his band The Angels. The Angel solos...pretty talented in their own way.  ...Tasty bass grooves." -Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

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The Dr. Susan Block Show: Phoenix Masturbation Month

"On the other side of the Womb Room is sultry singer/songwriter, Jezebel Sweet, in cool diaphanous peach to complement our porno-hot pink. She brings along her “wifey,” cute glitter-lipped Sun Rae, who reads Tarot cards and is outfitted like a Blackrock Burner...Jezebel’s birthday gift to Phoenix is a seductive song, originally inspired by Wifey Sun, called “Life’s a Trip”. We’re not sure how much of Life’s a Trip is about bonoboësque girl-girl friendship and how much is about dropping acid while doing ‘shrooms, but we love it. Jezebel’s lyric, “We deal in Good Vibrations,” foreshadows another theme of this show: gearing up for Masturbation Month with vibrators of all kinds." -Dr. Susan Block

IndyStar: "7 local celebrities saw Corey Feldman perform in Indy; this is what they thought"

"The scandalously dressed angels had some time to showcase their own talents during the concert. This was probably my favorite part of the show because one of the angel’s original songs was very good and stole the show, IMO!" -Amanda Rakes

The Dr. Susan Block Show: Musical Gems

“…a diamond-in-the-rough that could become a scintillating pop sensation: Jezebel Sweet, singer/songwriter extraordinaire...vocal artistry and lyrical wizardry...Jezebel sings with the sultry, soulful, heaven-and-hellfire voice of a fallen angel

...“Violet and Blue” …It’s a song about the love—or just the lust—of a vampire, a “demon posing as a house pet,” a BDSM kinkster, a young lady of deep passion. Whether you’re into the vampire fetish or not, Jezebel’s song is sweet to the ears and her look is quite easy on the eyes; her hot body poured into a skin-tight, snow-white, over-the-shoulder, cut-out-at-the-midriff, slit-up-the-thigh, nipple-poking stripper gown that teases as it pleases.

“Crazy,” cool, or a little bit of both, Jezebel strips off the showgirl mask to reveal the “shy girl” from Minnesota she once was, now in Hollywood to shine like the star she is meant to be.” -Dr. Susan Block

The Dr. Susan Block Show: Speakeasy Launch & Birthday Bacchanalia

"Hanging around the right “outer lip” of my Womb Room is none other than Ron Jeremy. Ron’s no angel. He’s always been a mischievous little devil—mostly in the best sense—the “hardest working man in porn,” A bit of a “Pan” character, Ron plays his pipes, aka his harmonica, when he’s not using his  legendary mouth to eat hors d’ouevres or pussy, and his rendition of “Happy Birthday” breaks the ice. After Ron plays the first song, Jezebel Sweet, looking delicious in electric grape-colored hair, especially when surrounded by a rainbow halo, sings a new original song that happens to be called "No Angel." -Dr. Susan Block

‘The New Mutants’ Gives ‘Cry Little Sister’ A Makeover, Who Sang It Best? Marilyn Manson, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman Or Gerard McMahon

"While Marilyn Manson’s cover will be featured in the upcoming movie The New Mutants, the story behind Corey Feldman’s cover is a bit different.
In addition to being an actor, Corey Feldman is also a singer with the band Corey’s Angels. The angels change in membership but some of the women depicted in his video include his wife Courtney Feldman, and ex-angels Margot Lane and Jackie von Rueden [AKA Jezebel Sweet]" -Celebrity Insider

Jezebel Sweet

Milwaukee Record: "I saw Corey Feldman play the show of his life, knock his tooth out, and then look for his tooth"

"The Angels were once again a solid backing band...Speaking of the Angels, the best performance of the night was when Feldman was backstage tending to his tooth." -Matt Wild

Actor, Singer, And YouTuber Bobby Wolfe Talks Corey Feldman With A.J. Benza, Listen Now

"One of Corey Feldman's ex-angels is making serious allegations against him. In an exclusive interview with Bobby Wolfe, this former angel named Jackie Vonrueden [AKA Jezebel Sweet] said that she gave statements to the LAPD. She said that she witnessed Feldman rape a girl, spoke about her time living with Feldman at his home, and she discussed the abuse she allegedly witnessed firsthand and experienced herself." -AJ Benza

Corey Feldman Accused Of Rape; Bobby Wolfe, Jackie von Rueden [AKA Jezebel Sweet] Interview

"My motivation here is that I feel I have a moral obligation to warn other women that might find themselves involved with Corey. And I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do everything that I can to make sure that people know what’s really going on in that house, and when it comes to the company Corey’s Angels. That’s really it. That’s what it comes down to. I don’t want to see any more women get abused and I’d also like to see the public support that he’s receiving be removed.” -Jackie von Rueden AKA Jezebel Sweet

The Dr. Susan Block Show: 26th Wedding Anniversary

"In between debaucheries, we tune into the deep lyrical vibes of Jezebel Sweet. Actually, I don’t even recognize Jezebel when she first joins us, because the last time we saw her she was a platinum blonde with shoulder length hair, and now she’s a sultry pixie-cut brunette. Equally gorgeous… just totally different!

Lifetimes ago, Jezebel used to be an “angel” in the all-girl band of former child star Corey Feldman (“Stand by Me,” “Goonies”), lately alleging to have been attacked by a “wolfpack” (things are crazy out there), but that’s the subject of another show. This show’s our anniversary, and Jezebel’s gift is a sexy love song that she sings accompanied by her own beautiful folksy acoustic guitar. Her voice is gorgeous and her lyrics hit home, enough for my Prince Charming, who usually doesn’t go in for PDA, to give me a squeeze, a big smile and a kiss.

With a title like “Blue Moon” and a dirty mind like mine, I just have to moon the cameras for a moment. Then Phoenix, Elena, Letticia and Lexi moon everybody too before we go back to our irregular, unscheduled programming." -Dr. Susan Block

Blackout with Samantha Scarlette: Episode One (May 5th, 2017)

“Corey Feldman was looking for female instrumentalists for his band “Corey’s Angels” … and then I thought, like, there’s this girl I know…Jezebel Sweet, and she’s, like, a really really talented singer/songwriter and she plays multiple instruments...she’s blonde, she’s pretty. This girl would be perfect for Corey’s Angels. The only problem? She lives in Miami, Florida. Well, I contact her anyway, and it turns out she was getting ready to fly that morning to Los Angeles” -Samantha Scarlette